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Photo by Ollrock, Pentes de la Croix-Rousse, Lyon, August 2021



Graphic designer by training based in Paris, France, I like to mix the codes of street art with those of typography.


Attached to words and the meanings they convey, I use them in a kind of dialogue with the image, conducive to reflexion.


My worlds feed on rock as well as literature, cinema or painting. Colors are great vectors of emotion and direct connection with the public.


Urban Poetry - Inks  

I like to react to current events through my sentences. Words are like alerts launched into the consciousness of passers-by ; the idea is to make them smile, think, to surprise them or simply bring a bit of poetry or spice to the greyness of the walls.

My first times (street art only ;-))

1st spray stencils : Lucien (comic book character) on wooden box, Spacemen 3 logo on schoolbag, 1985, Toulouse 

1st paste-up : Jane B, February 19, 2019, Passage des Abbesses, Paris 18

1st sentence on a wall : "je veux m'encrer sous ta peau", October 26, 2019, Passage des Abbesses, Paris 18

1st collective show : One Shot, Roselucie, December 3, 2019, Paris 9

1st Live painting : Festival Colors, June 6, 2021, Paris 11

1st silkscreen : Al Pacino, Artaetas Editions, April 2022, Roubaix


Guide du Street Art Paris 2020/2021, June 2020, Editions Alternatives/Gallimard 

Street Art XXS by Edith Paully, April 2021, Editions Alternatives/Gallimard 

Catalog of the Festival Colors, October 2021, Editions Novaxia 

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